Class Descriptions

Foundations Class – A great introduction to yoga! This class is designed to teach the key classic yoga postures which form the foundation for many other contemporary styles of yoga. Suitable for beginners and anyone wishing to refine their current yoga practice in any style.

Level I: Focus is on building a strong foundation in yoga principles through refined movement and breath.

Beginners welcome.

Level II: This class is for students with 3 to 6 months experience in Iyengar Yoga or students with exposure to another method of yoga for 6 months, that are healthy and without injury.

Level III: This is a strong, dynamic practice with inverted postures.

Gentle Yoga Class: The primary focus here is to address common structural problems with you neck, shoulder,back, hip and knees.

Healthy Hips and knees class: This class will focus on yoga poses that stretch and strengthen the muscles around the hips and thighs and align and stabilize the knees, helping to relieve pain and inflammation. Those with knee replacements may also benefit from this class, with the consent of their medical practitioner.

Prenatal Yoga: Postures are modified and supportive with attention to breath awareness and relaxation, preparing you for birth. There is no prior yoga experience required. Prenatals can also attend any of the Gentle Classes as they are all suitable for you.

Note: participants must be passed the 14th week to attend the Parental Yoga Classes.