Why work with a Yoga Therapist?

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Yoga therapy is fast becoming a recognized health profession. Practiced by yoga teachers who have undertaken additional training to become Certified yoga therapists, or C-IAYT.

C-IAYT yoga therapists are highly trained professionals who exceed industry standards of training. Their core focus is on the individual needs of their students.

Yoga therapy is the professional application of yoga principles and practice, to promote health and wellness within a therapeutic setting. This includes personalized assessment and yoga practice for individuals or small groups. Promoting physical health and emotional wellbeing.


Eileen Millar is a certified yoga therapist and a certified level 3 Iyengar teacher. With over 500 hours of therapeutic study and over 3000 professional developmental hours her understanding and application of advanced methods are extensive.

Her comprehensive training and unique skills come from a lifetime of study, which include Apprenticing in special needs classes at Yoga Centre Toronto with Marlene Mawhinney. Several trips to Pune, India to study at the RIMY and partaking in yoga conventions there and in North America with Geeta Iyengar.

Studying with Stephanie Quirk, a world leader in therapeutics, over a 6-year period who came directly from the Iyengar institute, sharing her knowledge from the medical classes with higher level teachers.


Eileen participated in a research project focusing and assessing the effects of Iyengar yoga on woman who had gone through breast cancer. Conducted out of The yoga space Vancouver in conjunction with UBC and BC Cancer society.

She has completed Elise Millers yoga for scoliosis part 1 & 2 and is also a Certified holistic practitioner, graduating from the BC institute of holistic studies.

Eileen continues to advance her professional development through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the Iyengar’s family and with the most Senior Iyengar teachers in the world.

Customized private and group sessions available at the studio and online.

1 Hr  = $100See Prices Page


“I have referred clients to Eileen for private lessons to help them overcome and manage symptoms after an injury in a motor vehicle accident. She is very skillful at identifying what poses will address their individual needs. They learn breathing and relaxation techniques that reduces chronic pain, anxiety and depression symptoms. Eileen is very encouraging and motivating with her students. Her studio is well equipped with many different props. It is a supportive and calming environment in which to heal from injury.”

Kim Gibson

“After 16 years of countless physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage sessions and being told that my leg would not get any straighter without a knee replacement, a miracle happened. I met Eileen at her yoga studio and with her help and determination my leg is now almost completely straight and I can walk on my right heel. I certainly was not a believer when she first told me that it might be possible but I am now.

I just wish that I had met her 16 years ago. Because of the continued stress of my uneven gait a great deal of damage has been done to my body. Very slowly but surely I am becoming stronger and more mobile. Eileen?s method of adaptive Iyengar moves and positions using various props takes into account my current mobility issues and works from there. She is always coming up with new and different ways for me to move my body. I leave the studio feeling so much better than when I went in. Not only is my mobility better, but since taking yoga with Eileen, I even sleep better. I highly recommend Eileen’s Yoga Studio to anyone who is looking to feel better and especially if they have movement issues. Of all the various exercise programs and therapies I have tried since my accident 16 years ago, this yoga program has had the most beneficial and long-lasting effects by far.

Thank you Eileen from the bottom of my heart!”

Christine Grant

“Yoga calms the brain, soothes the nerves and reduces pain”

BKS Iyengar